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Donor Rights & Gift Policies 

Data Collection & Privacy

Sholom Foundation maintains a database of donor, supporter, and volunteer information for the purposes of maintaining relationships, communicating organization and industry developments, and acknowledging contributions. Information is collected by but may not be limited to supporter-initiated means, including donating online or by correspondence, signing up for e-newsletters, volunteering, and/or attending events. 

Examples of data kept include phone number, email, street address, and preferred name. This content is not shared with any other institution, with the exception of print vendors that may mail Sholom or Sholom Foundation communications to its supporters. The database (Raisers Edge) can only be accessed through a two-factor identification system by staff members with a legitimate role in its use. The database provider, Blackbaud, is a reputable platform utilized by multiple organizations and companies. Credit card information is directly entered into an encrypted donation processing third party system (banking institution or and, after the giving transaction, is not retained for other purposes. 

Use of Donations

All donations to Sholom Foundation ensure that aging and senior populations can truly live life fully at communities where all are welcome. Your donation will be fully honored by its responsible use to further the work of Sholom Foundation. Your gift will be processed following our donation policies, the Donor’s Bill of Rights, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. 

Supporter Restrictions

If you wish to make a gift for a specific program or service, please contact the Foundation before making your gift. Restrictions must be for existing or planned programs, and existing or planned expenses over a feasible time period. Gifts cannot be directed towards specific residents and their families, tenants, clients, guests, volunteers or staff. Donations given through campaigns for certain programs or in response to restricted grant requests will be honored as such. Non-cash, blended, and other asset-based contributions are welcome, and please contact the Foundation prior to initiating such gifts. Sholom Foundation may refuse any gift that does not sufficiently benefit the organization, is in conflict with its mission or values, puts Sholom Foundation’s reputation at risk, or is prohibited by law. Refusal is at the discretion of Sholom Foundation board, committee, and staff leadership. 

Donor Information Correction 

Sholom Foundation strives to acknowledge its donors with correct information. However, this work is highly human and, as such, errors can happen. If we have made an error in any of your contact information, please call 952-939-1592 or email Sholom Foundation at If you do not wish to receive communication from Sholom Foundation any longer or want to be anonymous, please contact the Foundation team. If you continue to receive communication after your request, please alert us immediately.

Donor Bill of Rights

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