Meet Meredith

After attending school for physical therapy, Meredith joined Sholom as a physical therapist assistant—and she loved it. From learning alongside other care team members and engaging with residents to collaborating with those families who entrusted Sholom to care for their loved ones, Meredith had truly found the perfect job. 

But her heart just wasn’t as full as she knew it could be. Emerging from a pandemic amidst isolation in 2022, other team members began to seek out her guidance as a professional problem-solver. Meredith soon realized that she could grow and learn new managerial skills while also providing compassionate care to residents of Sholom.

Having then celebrated her sixth year of employment, Meredith recalled that her professional development began the day she started working for Sholom when she first learned about the many ways Sholom invests in staff. Meredith soon realized she could get to where she wanted to be and elected to pursue a bachelor’s degree in management and psychology; Sholom’s tuition assistance program made this possible.

“This setting can be hard. It requires an emotional investment—it requires heart. And I continue to choose Sholom for the community and the values. The interdisciplinary training has been fantastic here, and the tuition assistance really allows me to invest in myself, just as I invest in the relationships with our residents and their families.”

Watch Meredith's story:

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