Heritage Society

The Sholom Foundation Heritage Society honors and recognizes the many thoughtful and visionary friends who have included Sholom Foundation in their estate plans. For nearly 100 years, Sholom has made a considerable and meaningful impact on the entire community. Through your deferred gift, you will leave a legacy that will impact generations well into the future long after you are gone.

Sholom Foundation Heritage Society members will be honored and acknowledged in various online and printed publications and with permanent recognition at both the Norman & Lisette Ackerberg Family Sholom West Campus in St. Louis Park and the Rossy & Richard Shaller Family Sholom East Campus in St. Paul.

If you have or would like to establish an estate gift for Sholom Foundation, please contact Noah Gerding at 952-939-1594 or ngerding@sholom.com.

Thank you to the members of the Heritage Society, listed below.

Ruth and Allen Aaron
Sally and Michael Abrams
Alvin and Donna Apple Family
Lawrence Applebaum
Allan L. Apter
Irene and Harry Bader
Rosalyn Baker
Beverly Balos and Mary Louise Fellows
Amy and Stanford Baratz
Irving and Deane Bassin
Ruth Bearman
Jeffrey and Connie Berdass
Margo Berdass
Robert J. Beugen
David and Bonnie Blumberg
Lou Ann and Leon Bongard
Gail and Steve Brand
Darlene and Larry Braufman
Harvey Braufman
Leo and Carole Breitman
Ruth Breslermann
Elinor Brodie
Barbara Brooks
Helen Brooks
David and Jane Broude
Barbara and Bernard Chauss
Adeline E. Cohen
Judy and Richard Cook
Beverly and Stanley Davis
Henry & Harriet Davis Family
Thomas J. Davis, MD & Gail A. Bernstein, MD
The Deshong Family
Lois and Sherman Devitt
Marilyn Dickel
Ruth Easton, David Edelstein & Jacob Edelstein
Barbara Eiger
Lawrence & Linda Eisenstadt
Corrine & Thomas Feinberg
David E. Feinberg
Francine and Neil Feinberg
Beth Feinstein
Rose Fingerhut
Bruce Fink
Nicole and Kenneth Fink
Toba and Allen Freeman
Jennifer Gray and Mark Freeman
Arlene Fried
Neal and Sandy Gale
Harry Garber
Jacob Garber
Adam Garen
Dr. Gary & Sue-Ann Garvis
Harriet and William Gasway
Lillian Geller
Rosalie and Andrew Gellman
Lois & Larry Gibson
Roni and Alan Gingold
Mimi Gleekel
Esta & Jerry Gold
Ilene and Jay Goldberg
Zelia Kanters-Goldberg
Cynthia and Harold Goldfine
Gary and Bonnie Bongard Goldish
Arnold and Sylvia Goldman
Susan and Richard Goldman
Bernice Cowl Gordon
Jane and Jonathan Gordon
Karen and Fred Gordon
Morris Gordon & Joseph Gordon
Jill and Steven Gottlieb
Marilyn and Dean Greenberg
Mickey Greenberg
Ronya and Lawrence Greenberg
Nancy and Robert Hartman
Mrs. Samuel M. Hartman
Debbie & Marc Hasko Family
Eugene Heck
Elissa J. Heilicher
Hilda Rose Hellman
Frances and Irving Herman
Jory M. Herman
Audrey Hillman
Arthur Turovh Himmelman
Leo & Doris Hodroff
Samuel Hoffman
Susan Feinberg Hughes and Gerard Hughes
Jake Hurwitz & Doreen Frankel
Cheryl Ivey
Emmy Lou Jacobson
Lorita and Jay Jacobson
Janet and Alvin Jaffe
Lois Josewich
Leonard and Charlotte Juster
Al Kagin
Stan and Jeanne Kagin
Steven Kalin
Edice Kanoff
Sheldon & Helene B. Kaplan
Dr. Markle Karlen
Judy A. Karon
Stefanie and Robert Karon
Alan and Beverly Kasdan
Naomi Kastenbaum
Betty G. Katz
Alvin and Audrey Kaufman
Helen & Ivan Kenis
Sharon and Martin Kieffer
Kipp Family Philanthropic Fund
Marion & E. Gary Klein
Dayna & Steve Klein
Kathryn Klibanoff and Jeremy Edes Pierotti
Dr. Zenith and Merle Anne Kremen
Faye and Mayer Krupp
Gracia and Merrill Kuller
Diane Ladenson
Stephen and Nancy Lane
Nancy D. Langer
Jerry Lavin
Arlene Leibovich
Lisa and Mark Lerman
Helene Feinberg Lesser
Jules and Rose Levin
Jeffrey Levy
Rhoda & Tom Lewin
Carolyn Lieberman
Sheila and Stephen Lieberman
Sylvia and Harold Liefschultz
Barbara Linoff
Sybil & Bill Lipschultz
Walter Lubov
Rhoda and Donald Mains
Renee and Mel Maisel
Ronald M. Mankoff
Gayle Marko
Robert and Florie Marvy
Julie and Robert Mast
Anne McCarthy
Robert M. Meltz
Mary and Bob Mersky
Bettie Mae Miller
Gail and Howard Milstein
Susan and Michael Minsberg
Sanford Morris
Neil and Susan Moses Zirkes
Pearl Myzel
William Neiman
Annette & Marion E. Newman
Shirley and Joseph Novich
Sandy & Harold Okinow
Myrna Orensten
Eugene Pedro
Addie and Norman Perl
Marvin Pertzik
James Pomush
Jean & Joshua Premack
Lillian and Julius Raen
Edward and Ann-Monique Rapoport Family
Susan and Gary Rappaport
Barbara and Harvey Ratner
Harold and Cissy Ravits
Nancy and Kevin Rhein
Fay and Leonard Ribnick
Irene & Paul Rifkin
Harold Roitenberg
Connie & Paul Ross Family
Francie and Barry Ross
Naomi Rotenberg
Marilyn Rovner
Ada Rubenstein
Berneen Rudolph
Karen and Ron Sallerson
Miriam and David Sanders
Polly and Michael Saxon
Millie Schapiro
Marta and Herbert Schechter
Loren Joseph Schermann
Marvin and Margie Scherzer
Nancy & Michael Schoenberger
Anita B. Schwartz
Mary Segal & Marshall Cook
Charles and Yvonne Selcer
Ruth and William Seltz
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Serber
Cabrini & Scott Shaller
Michelle and Steven Shaller
Rossy and Richard Shaller
Gertrude and Nathan Shapira
Harry, Rosalind, Morton, & Joan Shapiro
Lawrence M. Shapiro Family
The Shared Fund
Jeffrey B. Sherman
Allen D. Shores
Dr. Melvin and Delores Sigel
Sheila and Steven Sigel
Melissa Cohen Silberman and Sheldon Silberman
Dee & Norman Silver
Dorothy H. and Edward E. Slonim
Debbie and Craig Spencer
Sally E. Sperling
John Spooner
Maxine and Benjamin Steinberg
Sharron Steinfeldt
Vicki and Lloyd Stern
Arthur & Margaret Stone
Beryl and Frank Strickon
Selma and Sam Swartz
James and Paula Tankenoff Family Foundation
Sharon and William Torodor
Deera & Al Tychman
Marshall G. Walzer
Randy S. Weinberg
Deborah D. Weiss
Richie and Gisell Wien
Joan & Shale Wilensky
Benno & Gertrude Wolff
Helen and Leo Wolk
Jerome S. Yugend
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